Welcome to the website of the Poole Beach Hut Association.

We’re delighted that you’ve found us!

Use this site to discover more about our association and members.

Our association is made up of people of all ages who enjoy making new friends, meeting new ones and simply enjoy spending time together at one of our meetings or events.

We are working hard to make this a useful source of information for beach hut tenants of Poole so please keep checking the site.

The Association was formed in November 2011 and currently have the following officers:

Chairman:  Bob Lister, Mobile:0798 0928752 email:bob@sunwiser.co.uk

Vice Chair: Janet Coy

Secretary: Yvonne Hartwell: tel 01202 887228 Mob 07711 039786: email  ybonne.hartwell@talktalk.net133 (Temp Post)

Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Tony Mullins tel 01202 887635 email: tmullins196@gmail.com 4, Longspee Road, Merley BH21 1TS

 Newsletter Editor  Julie Snow: email: snow26@btinternet.com mob: 07718 866894

Yvonne Hartwell: Social Secretary tel 01202 887228 Mob 07711 039786: email  ybonne.hartwell@talktalk.net 133 Sopwith Crescent, Merley BH21 1SR assisted by Lizzie Manetta & Yvette Bessant

Cheryl Arterton

Yvette Bessant,

Lizzie Manetta mob:07875 240577

Cheryl Arterton, Yvette Bessant  & Lizzie Manetta as full Committee members, will assist on various projects.

Mark Dowling  He has considerable expertise and will be responsible for sending out our emails and Newsletters to members.

How to become a member.

If you have a beach hut in Poole, you are entitled to membership on the basis of one member per hut, which can be joint.

Please click on the membership tag on our membership page to download a form.

Members will receive quarterly newsletters and regular updates on important matters; also details of our social programme.


We spent a considerable amount of time and energy  in discussions with representatives of Poole Council on proposed changes to our tenancies.  We are pleased to say that Poole Council withdrew their plans to restrict our tenancies to ten years and have agreed to allow us to renew annually as before. We have made a number of recommendations to them on the building of more huts in order to reduce the waiting lists and also to provide lockers for people without huts wishing to store their equipment.

The Future

We will continue to represent your interests and will take a close interest in the 25 year plan being developed by Borough of Poole. Two  public meetings will be held during the course of the year, if necessary with speakers from Poole Council who will be pleased to discuss matters with you.

 We also intend to develop a community spirit between beach hut owners and will be holding some social activities. You ideas and input will be strongly welcomed.

Help on the promenade

If you need to contact the Beach Office at Sandbanks, (sadly this office is closed due to Covid) their Temporary number is 01202 2161370 and their staff will be pleased to help you if  issues crop up out of hours or you don’t have your phone to hand, the RNLI lifeguards have mobile numbers for the Seafront Rangers and can help with lots of problems including prom cycling breaches and anti-social behaviour problems.

We look forward to seeing you at our meetings.

 Bob Lister (Chairman)

20 responses to “Welcome

  1. Frances Wheatley


    Congraulations! just what we need, thanks so much for doing all this , I certainly will becaome a member. There are a few beach hut tenants who are not on line, so you need to ask those who are to pass on information to those that or not? pity these beach huts havn’t got letter boxes!
    Frances Wheatley
    Frances Wheatley

  2. Thank you for taking up the fight. I have a hut at Hamworthy Park. I built the hut from scratch at a cost of about £800 and 3 weeks of enjoyable creative toil. I was on the waiting list for about 6 years. The location is great, the views are fantastic and I enjoy my time spent at the hut. I would be most aggrieved if I was forced to give it up. The warden at the Sandbanks Office suggested that the Advertiser had got it out of context and that it is just a proposal which is open for consultation. I hope that this process is honourable and genuine.

    • Is it correct that the waiting list is now closed?

      • Jenny,the answer is yes sadly. But we are fighting to get it open again.
        There are so many locations where new huts could be located, possibly 250 which with next Decembers’s vacation (100 we estimate)the list could be zero!

    • Hi there, i love it at hamworthy park, do you rent your beach hut out at all,, kind regards sarah

  3. Theresa Langridge

    I am very pleased to hear that this has now been opened up to public consultation. My family also have a beach hut at Hamworthy Park. I think a maximum lease term of 5 years or 10 years would be acceptable, but this should only be instigated when tenancies arise or new huts are built solely for this purpose. At Hamworthy Park the beach huts have either been purchased or have been built by their owners. Tenants have signed up to the terms and conditions originally instigated not NEW ones!!

  4. As a new resident would love the chance of a hut any idea when the list wii be open again?

    • Hi Joanne
      Sadly, its not in our control.
      I heard yesterday that 70+ keys have been handed back so far.
      This leaves approx 240 on the waiting list.
      However most dont realise how expensive huts are per annum now £1861 at Sandbanks.

      Did you know this?


      • Joanne Packe

        Hi Bob, thanks for your reply. Yes did realise but would still love one. Preferably on the Canford Cliffs promanade. Will just have to keep an eye on the website.

  5. Would love to hear from anyone who would like to sub let or share their beach hut at hamworthy .Any school holiday preferable ,open to any offers . Reliable hard working family annetted118@gmail.com or 07909861606

  6. If anyone is interested in sub letting their beachhut at hamworthy please email me on jowatts28@hotmail.com. I work locally and would love to pop to the beach after work !

  7. Hi would anyone consider renting there beach hut to us in the summer for the day? My contact number is 07956662383Kind regards sarah

  8. Harry’ swanage. Don’t be fooled swanage new beach huts, will never get the revenue they expect, they cost to much to rent. I hope that the construction will be quieker than the swanage fiasco.

  9. Would be interested in sharing a beach hut at Shore Road or Branksome Chine. Please email me at janicedeane101@yahoo.co.uk if you are considering sharing as an option. Thank you.

  10. Hi
    I’m looking to hire a beach hut and would love one in hamworthy park. Does anyone know if any are available??

  11. Pamela Jackson

    We’ve just received the form regarding revaluation for business rates in 2017. We dot not have any business involvement – do we need to do anything (registration etc) in order to have the rates on our beach hit reduced to zero as before?

  12. What dates does the membership cover? Is it for instance Jan-Dec or Apr-Mar? Thank you

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