Urgent request for Sublet:

Ideally I’d like to rent a beach hut for the spring. I.e. April/May/June. Until the high season. I’m not finding anywhere yet, so can be flexible if course.

I appreciate any help finding one.

Caroline McKenzie


At our AGM we were asked to compile a register of existing Beach Hut Tenants who might like to exchange huts with another Tenant.

All PBHA are providing is a service to Members and BoP.

The Beach Team staff would co-ordinate the official swap for £50 admin per tenant.

So if you would like to move, email

if you wish to sublet.Beach Huts to Rent

Borough of Poole Annual Beach Hut Tenants are able to rent their huts for a limited price and duration.

If you wish to sublet, please email me at :-  with your Beach Location and Hut Number,  and your Contact Details.

Branksome Dene

Branksome Chine  Promenade

Wooden Hut  191B Bob  07980928752

Branksome Chine

258 Branksome Chine Mrs Jayne Jones 01202 622051

Canford Cliffs

Brick Hut no. 158

Available 31st August to 16th September, £162 per week, might consider 16 days for 2 week rent

tel Jack Crewe 01202 746792 email:

Flaghead Chine




Tenants are allowed to sub-let their hut for up to 56 days a year at set prices. To do this you need permission from the council, please apply in writing to the beach office or phone 01202 708181.

The weekly sub-lettings charges for 2016 are:

January to March – £35 per week
April & May – £73 per week
June to September – £151 per week
July & August – £188 per week
October to December – £35 per week

PBHA accepts no errors, complaints etc from any such transactions, the contract is between the sub-letter and sub-lessee.