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October 10th Meeting at St Aldhelms Church Hall, Lindsey Road, Branksome BH13 6BT 7PM.

Please dont park in Lidls, you will get a ticket!

Our Latest Summer 2017 Newsletter

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Summer 2017

For Information

Bob Lister, Jack Crewe and myself met earlier this week (11/4/17) with Anthony Rogers and Tracey Adams at the Beach Office

The following are the main points discussed…

Amalgamation of Poole and Bournemouth Beach organisations.
This is still at a very early stage and the full effects and organisation are not yet known. One action that has been taken is that Anthony has moved his position and is now in charge of major projects, he is no longer Tracey’s direct line manager. This honour has gone to a Bournemouth man called Chris Saunders, Anthony suggested that both he and Chris be invited to our next open meeting when more answers should be available.

Plans for Canford Cliffs following landslips.
A three month survey has been initiated to determine the effect of the cliff fall and possible ramifications. It is generally felt that this may not be long enough, especially as the weather is particularly dry at present and rainfall could be a major factor. All plans for beach hut renovation, tender for café etc will be put on hold until after results of this survey are known.
Likely to put plans for 2 storey huts back a year!
Huts closed due to landslip
The tenants of these huts have been notified and have had to vacate their huts for safety reasons. Compensation will be offered but this cannot be determined until the length of vacation is known. Alternative huts cannot be offered due to unavailability. PBHA asked that they be notified immediately of any such actions as closure such that they can keep their members up to date. Tracey will ensure we are the mailing list for such notifications

Cycling on the promenade
No action has yet to be taken to allow offenders to be fined as as is the case in Bournemouth. This is effectively on hold until the merger is sorted. Various other byelaws such as fishing, jet skis etc will also be looked to bring the two areas into line.

Recent Breakins. How effective is CCTV
Anthony pointed out that the CCTV system does not cover all areas and that identification of any culprits is difficult in most cases due to the length of overage and detail available. However, the cameras are constantly monitored and can provide ability to notify police of anything suspicious is observed.

Drain at Branksome Dean
We were notified that this problem has been resolved, to be checked

Out of use Taps.
One tap in particular will require £3500 of work to dig up the concrete foundations, reinstate the pipework and re concrete. Under current budget restraints and availability of other nearby taps, this is a very low priority

Four New Wooden Huts at Branksome Chine
These are likely to go ahead although no definitive time scale could be given at this point. Some street furniture will require moving but no definite plans have been drawn up yet

Wall at footpath 66.
This has been investigated and it is under private ownership as opposed to Council. Owner has been notified and asked to repair. Outcome not yet known. Footpath may need to be closed until action is taken. On-going

Shower at Branksome Chine
Council will not provide this. Sponsorship may be sought and Bob will follow up with Janet Oglali at Poole Council

Plans for beach Polo
These are underway. The format will be slightly different this year. No use of the arena will be made on the Sunday afternoon as in previous years but some form of concert will take place on the Sunday evening. Timescale for set up and take down will be as in previous years. Rent has been renegotiated upwards and will be published in the near future.

Open Meetings at Beach office
Tracey is to revert with some possible dates in the near future. To be followed up.



6 responses to “News

  1. I just went in to ‘sign’ the sand polo petition and having entered a detailed comment, I got the helpful response:- “An error has occurred, please try later”.

    • Hi Derek
      The petition has finished and presented to council at the Council Efficiency and Effectiveness Overview and Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 19 Sep 13.

  2. Please don’t over develop our beach! It is wonderful just as it is!

  3. Hi I have a beach hut at Sandbanks and had a letter giving me 3 weeks to vacate by 11th March. We cleared everything out to be told the rebuild on top of our huts (6) was too expensive at the present time. Have now been advised 11 April is the next date to look at situation, if a Tender to build is at the right price the new build will start for 3 months during the summer months! If the council can’t afford 6 huts how are they going to build a 140 at Canford Cliffs. Any answers?

    • Margaret
      Very sad, not being able to use your hut, and still no decision!
      They really could not run a ****** in a Brewery!
      Ask them to provide a spare one to use there are 64 available, or provide compensation/refund of monies paid

  4. David Emerton

    Out of use tap. Could not a temporary plastic pipe be connected and laid behind the row of beach huts so the amenity that has been absent for some 3 years can be re-instated? This would aid a number of beach huts either side of the defunct standpipe. To be told you can walk to the next available tap is a poor excuse – to think outside the box is not ‘rocket science’!! Davy (Jones + Locker!)

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