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Our AGM was on Wednesday 1st February, 7.30pm (not before, please) for 8pm start at Merley Community Centre

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This will be followed by a guest speaker and a panel of guests.

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4th November

Daily Emails to & from Tim Martin, BoP, Head of Legal & Democratic Services,  Cllr Peter Adams, Chair of the Monitoring Standards Group are challenging, frustrating and time consuming. It is now 40 working days since we raised our Formal Complaint. Excuses are the Unity Authority Merger is keeping them busy!

29th July 2016 : We have this week, together with other group petitioners, issued a Formal Complaint to BoP re Proposed Parking Charge Council Procedures.

Because they say the O&S decision was rushed through! We have video evidence that the vote was taken after 59minutes of debate, hardly rushed!

At the 14th June Cabinet Meeting, despite being given a clear Mandate at last months Overview & Scrutiny Meeting to cancel any Proposed Pay & Display, they decided to defer a decision to September!

We wrote to the Leader, Chair Cllr Janet Walton expressing strong disgust and offering filmed evidence that far from being rushed, the 3 hour debate by 5 petitioners, 16 Ward Cllrs, 2 Transportation Officers, 13,824 signatures on Petitions, 4000 BoP ‘Have your Say” online (97% against) was not rushed.

  1. Watch this space!

Best Beach Hut Competition, please click on link below:

Beach hut competition

Proposed Beach Hut Pricing>2020 some 74% increases, when compounded!

At last nights ( 10th March) O&S Committee they approved these increases going forward to Cabinet.

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Beach Hut pricing >2020

Daily Echo (11.03.16).Parking

At Last weeks Cabinet Meeting, Councillors approved Consultation on Pay & Display on Roads Adjacent to Beaches. Roads affected are:
Sandbanks – Panorama Rd,
Salter Rd, Grasmere Rd, Seacombe Rd, Brownsea Rd.
Canford Cliffs – Brudenell Ave, Brudenell Rd,
Haven Rd (Part), Chaddesley Glen, Cliff Dr, St Clair Rd, Flaghead Rd, Beaumont Rd, Bodley Rd,
Macandrew Rd,
Branksome Park – Western Rd, Lakeside Rd, Buccleuch Rd, Ettrick Rd, Dalkeith Rd,
Westminster Rd, Pinewood Rd


Sustaining Poole Seafront Plan

Some of the content is good. but relating to Overnight Beach Hut Accommodation, the  2012 respondents said:

363 respondents commented on likes and dislikes…… Page 4, 5th Para*

“Overnight accommodation received a mixed response with generally more dislikes than likes. Whilst some people could see the benefit to tourism to having additional accommodation, others disliked this because of the potential issues that overnight stays on or around the beach could create ( eg antisocial behaviour, rubbish, overcrowding)”

Comments on Pages 11, 14 and 29 of the 36 page SPD Document are selective and not representative of the majority of views.  Is the data being manipulated to achieve the aim of  the council officers..not the appears that way.

PBHA Chair Bob Lister, has tabled a question, to delay a decision, until we are given more time, not 6 days to absorb a 36 page document!

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5 responses to “News

  1. I just went in to ‘sign’ the sand polo petition and having entered a detailed comment, I got the helpful response:- “An error has occurred, please try later”.

    • Hi Derek
      The petition has finished and presented to council at the Council Efficiency and Effectiveness Overview and Scrutiny Committee at its meeting on 19 Sep 13.

  2. Please don’t over develop our beach! It is wonderful just as it is!

  3. Hi I have a beach hut at Sandbanks and had a letter giving me 3 weeks to vacate by 11th March. We cleared everything out to be told the rebuild on top of our huts (6) was too expensive at the present time. Have now been advised 11 April is the next date to look at situation, if a Tender to build is at the right price the new build will start for 3 months during the summer months! If the council can’t afford 6 huts how are they going to build a 140 at Canford Cliffs. Any answers?

    • Margaret
      Very sad, not being able to use your hut, and still no decision!
      They really could not run a ****** in a Brewery!
      Ask them to provide a spare one to use there are 64 available, or provide compensation/refund of monies paid

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